Moving to a new town–or even just to the other side of the same town–can be scary. Will you make new friends quickly? What is the school like? How will you fit in? Is it possible not to feel overwhelmed by changes? Ezra was a priest and a teacher of God’s Law. The Temple at Jerusalem had just been rebuilt, but the wall of the city was still in

ruins. Ezra wanted to teach God’s Laws to the people in Israel, so King Artaxerxes of Persia urges Ezra to go there with any Israelites who wanted to go. Ezra started his journey with courage–not because the king blessed him but because God blessed him. Here is how to follow in Ezra’s footsteps.

Step 1. Say Yes to God’s Plan: 

The King’s words to Ezra were strong. He was very specific about what the priest and the rest of the Israelites should do in Jerusalem, and God used him in Ezra’s life. But Ezra knew that God was the one actually giving the marching orders. Be open to the Lord, ready to follow where he leads.

Step 2. Says Yes to Today’s Adventure: 

Ezra was a scholar. He probably enjoyed long hours of study in a quiet place, yet he didn’t hesitate when told to do God’s work in a faraway city. New chapters may open when you least expect them–say yes to the challenge!

Step 3. Say No to Tomorrow’s Worries:

The work of completing the Temple and rebuilding the city was a difficult–even dangerous–job. Ezra, however, chose not to focus on the possible problem. Worrying before an adventure doesn’t help you prepare, so push away any negative thoughts and get ready for the ride.


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