Hello Jesusway4you would like to take a different approach to this site and we want to include you. Any idea’s on topics and lessons and even graph’s that you would love to see on this platform please email us at jesusway4you1@gmail.com God Bless

3 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU WANT?

  1. My main concern is freedom of speech. If a topic is going to be presented, then different angles and perspectives in comments and discussions need to be allowed. I know there is a fine line between constructive discussion and just arguing/wasting each other’s time sometimes, but, even that can be relative. So, we all have to face, are we wanting to just talk when everyone involved is in agreement, or do we want to take the time to navigate opposing perspectives. People can’t change their thinking, perspectives, opinions, etc. if they are not shown more than what they already have. Everyone should be given the opportunity to make an educated decision for themselves.

      1. Thank you and I wasn’t aware of your settings. I got two spam comments last week myself, the first two in the eleven years I’ve blogged here. My comment is based on the issue I’m having on some other people’s sites, not yours, but since you were asking what we want, I put in my two cents. Again, thanks.

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