Feast and festivals –The holy convocations, the regular assemblies of the people of Israel for worship of the Lord. The feast and festivals of the nation were scheduled at specific times in the annual calendar and they were both civil and religious in nature. Some feats and festivals marked

the beginning or the end of the agriculture year, while others commemorated historic events in the life of the nation. All of the feasts were marked by thanksgiving and joyous feasting.

Feast of The Passover

Month on Jewish Calendar – Nisan

Day – 14

Corresponding Month – Mar- Apr.

Reference – Ex. 12:1-14; Matt. 26:17-20

*Feast of Unleavened Bread

Month on Jewish Calendar – Nisan

Day – 15-21

Corresponding Month – Mar. – Apr

References – Ex 12:15-20


Feast of Firstfruits

Month on Jewish Calendar – Nisan or Sivan

Day – 16,6

Corresponding Month – Mar-Apr, May-June

References – Lev 23:9-14; Num 28:26

*Feast of Pentecost (Harvest or Weeks)

Month on Jewish Calendar – Sivan

Day – 6 (50 days after barley harvest)

Corresponding Month – May- June

References – Deut 16:9-12; Acts 2:1


Feast of trumpets, Rosh Hashanah 

Month on Jewish Calendar – Tishri

Day – 1, 2

Corresponding Month – Sept-Oct.

References- Num 29:1-6

Feast of Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur

Month on Jewish Calendar- Tishri

Day- 10

Corresponding Month- Sept-Oct

References- Lev 23:26;Heb 9:7


*Feast of Tabernacles (Booths or Ingathering)

Month on Jewish Calendar- Tishri

Day- 15-22

Corresponding Month- Sept-Oct

References- Neh 8:13-18; John 7:2

Feast of Dedication (Lights), Hanukkah

Month on Jewish Calendar- Chislev

Day- 25 (8 days)

Corresponding Month- Nov-Dec

References- John 10:22


Purim (Lots)

Month on Jewish Calendar- Adar

Day- 14, 15

Corresponding Month- Feb-Mar

References- Esth 9:18-32

*The three major feast for which all males of Israel were required to travel to the Temple in Jerusalem (Ex 23:14-19)


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