1. Set aside quality time for you and God.
  2. Listen carefully to God’s word! God has a message for you.
  3. Review your daily inventory with God. Admit your wrongs and errors.
  4. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge of His will and the power to carry it out.
  5. Ask God for direction in your thoughts and actions

A. Keep you free self-pity, dishonesty or selfishness

B. To provide the guidance needed to take care of any problems

6. Ask God for freedom from self-will

A. To prevent making request unless others will be helped.

B. To avoid praying for our own selfish needs. 

7. Ask God for help in particular areas of your liffe:

A. Stop seeking approval from others:

B. Learn to accept how you look, and who you are

C. The ability to express yourself without being angry

D. Stop trying to dominate others in your life.

E. Stop seeking attention through adult-child like tantrums.


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