GALATIANS 2:11-13- Later, when Peter came to Antioch, I had a face-to-face confrontation with him because he was clearly out of line. Here’s the situation. Earlier. . . Peter regularly ate with the non-Jews. But when that conservative group came from Jerusalem, he cautiously pulled back and put as much distance as he could manage between himself and his non-Jewish friends. That’s how fearful he was of the conservative Jewish clique that’s been pushing the old system of circumcision. 

My friend Katie loved hanging out with us-until someone more popular came around. Then she’d ditch us. One minute she’d act like she didn’t know us. We finally confronted her about it, and she tearfully apologized. She had fallen into the trap of thinking she was better than us and given in to peer pressure so the popular girls would accept her.

Even Peter-Jesus’ own disciple!-fell into the same trap. One minute he was befriending non-Jews, and the next he was ditching them like he didn’t know them because of pressure from the conservative Jewish crowd.

Do you treat people differently when different crowds are around? Would Jesus?

Jesus, help me treat everyone the same-no matter who is around. And give me the courage to confront friends when pressure from cliques causes them to mistreat or ignore others. Amen.