I’m sure you all notice that this site haven’t been updated lately well it’s a few reasons why but the most important reason is due to lack of funding for the site. We have PayPal and cash apps but unfortunately

theres not enough to keep the site up and running. We hate to terminate the site because we had so much important topics plus new material to add such as showing proof of Jesus christ in the tabernacle, showing jesus christ came through a sinful bloodline and simply just showing you all simply how to study Gods word. But in order to create these guides we need funding and theres just not enough for us to create so much work. But if you want to continue to see the site succeed and want those great gifts along with it please if it’s not to much to donate any amount that you can. Also if you can’t give anything theres still a way for you to help out and that’s sharing our website with your friends and family and anyone else you know so please do this for the sake of keeping jesusway4you.com alive. We can still keep this site but we will need the HELP from YOU so there is still time to help out in any way you can. We love teaching people Gods word and we dont want to stop that.

2 Tim 2:15

If you want to donate please do so here and remember if you’re not able to donate then please share the websites to everyone you know this is absolutely FREE to do and will only take you a few seconds out of your day so please share the site

Also if you would like to donate through cashapp our cashapp tag is $jesustribers

Please be aware that if we can’t get enough funds for the site we will delete the site permanently on 3/31/2021

Thank you and God Bless.

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